1. Emily Haines


  2. Polaroid taken during pre-production for the movie Clean by Olivier Assayas. Here's the video with the Metric's appearance on this movie.


  3. Metric


  4. Emily Haines


  5. Karen O


  6. Metric


  7. theautumnroses:

    Glasgow-born Helen Marnie or Marnie more simply was the lead singer for the groundbreaking Ladytron, and her new single is called "Wolves". Its electronic mysticism glows behind gently-falling melodic mists. Her Crystal World LP can be found here, and this track will be made available as a digital download from September 14th. 

    Replace “was” with “is”. Ladytron is not over yet. Just a pretty long break.


  8. Charli XCX


  9. Metric live at Indianapolis (2012). Part 2 of 2. Source.


  10. Metric live at Indianapolis (2012). Part 1 of 2. Source.