1. Hayley Williams (Paramore)


  2. Chvrches - Live at The Wireless (2014). Download.

    Under the Tide
    By the Throat
    The Mother We Share


  3. Sky Ferreira


  4. ducknoise:

    People always complain about how america uses an annoying system instead of the metric system (which I agree is dumb btw)
    But can we talk about how the system used for time around the world has 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour but then 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and fucking 28-31 days a month?

    This is different than the metric system because it’s based on Earth’s rotations. Each rotation of the Earth around the Sun is almost a fixed quantity (one year). Each rotation of the Earth on its vertical axis is again almost a fixed quantity (a day). These are facts, you can’t change them.

    Months, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds, are just subdivisions of time based on the above facts. There are more kinds of calendars, and every calendar has its own style to divide the time. The standard calendar of these days is the Gregorian calendar. It’s not perfect but it’s better than many others. Many countries adopted this calendar quite recently.


  5. Chvrches live. Source: Counterfeit Mag.


  6. [Gallery] The Birthday Massacre - Prague - 3/30/14 @ Lucerna Bar


    Hot “view-only” gallery of The Birthday Massacre’s show last night by MusicServer.cz.  Fans were thrilled “The Birthday Massacre and [the] Bloody Rabbit Finally [came to] Prague.  Gallery here —> (x)

    If right click on each picture and select Open Link in New Tab you can view and save all pics one by one.


  7. Chvrches live


  8. Ellie Goulding


  9. Metric - 2 awesome photos


  10. Metric - a bunch of old photos