1. Helen Marnie


  2. Alice Glass. Photographer: Willy Vanderperre.


  3. themustycodpiece:

    Ladytron - Tomorrow

    Remember these guys? Like we could ever forget. This is one most brilliant song/video combinations ever. Anyways, it’s a slow Sunday here, cutting up felt pads for furniture, read a completely random, unsubstantiated comment there’s new Ladytron on the way. What? Seems unlikely, the group is scattered all over the globe now. Daniel Hunt just released tracks from his Brazilian side-project. I do hope it’s true though, it’s amazing what can be done via Dropbox.

    Yes, it’s true: there’s new Ladytron on the way, but most probably to be released next year even if the band is scattered all over the globe now. From this recent interview with Reuben Wu: “Um, we’re still having a break. But we’re thinking of doing a new album hopefully at the end of this year and to have something ready for next year”.

    Also from Wikipedia: “We start writing individually. We’ve never really lived in the same city before. We’ve always been geographically apart. […] It’s always been first as individuals, and then reviewing everything together, and then working on each other’s songs. That’s how we’ve always worked. And it goes well with how we make music. We do get together down the line and in the studio when we start fleshing out the tracks”.


  4. Sky Ferreira


  5. Owlle


  6. Helen Marnie’s new look


  7. Bat For Lashes


  8. Grimes


  9. Emily, someone else, and James.


  10. Emily Haines